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The only thing we love more than kiteboarding is the community of people we meet through our kiteboarding school and global kitesurfing adventures. Kiteboarding changed our lives and we know it will change yours too! By learning to harness mother nature’s most powerful elements – the wind and the water – you begin to understand what it means to be truly present and ALIVE. There’s nothing quite like the freedom you feel the first time you stand on the board and ride. This is the experience we want to share with you!

SAK: The School

Dale started SAK in 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa, and after meeting his wife, Erika (a Florida native and long time resident of the Pacific Northwest), in Kenya opened kiteboarding schools in Lyle, Washington and St. Petersburg, Florida. SAK is one of only two International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) affiliated schools in the Columbia River Gorge and the only IKO affiliated school in St. Petersburg, FL.

Where the Ride of Your Life Begins

Together, Dale and Erika joined forces to create a dynamic kiteboarding community where ALL are welcome and encouraged to embrace not only the sport, but all of life through kiteboarding, new friendships, and exciting and meaningful experiences. SAK provides you with the highest quality of professional, certified lessons and exotic trips to kite destinations around the world so that you can start living your dream.

Love for People and Our Planet

Dale and Erika are also committed to giving back socially and environmentally to the people and places that make “kitelife” awesome. We use the most up-to-date and eco-conscious kiteboarding equipment on the market today. We offer free kite camps for kids, organize beach clean-ups, and a portion of all proceeds from your lessons and kitesurf excursions are donated to local and international non-profit organizations working to protect our waterways, animals, and Earth.

Work Life Balance

When not teaching, Dale can be found strumming his guitar, sailing, or cooking a delicious meal over a fire; and Erika can be found teaching a yoga class, hiking, or philosophizing new ways to solve the world’s problems. Together they love traveling and hanging with their little kite dog, Zulu.




Here’s what you need to know

Who can Kiteboard?

You must be at least 12 years of age to learn to kiteboard, and you are never too old. In regard to fitness, people of all shapes and sizes kiteboard. Strength (especially in the core), flexibility, and endurance will help you to progress more quickly in the sport, but are not pre-requisites for learning. In fact, kiteboarding is a great way to get into shape! The only physical requirement is the ability to swim. Beyond that, we match the appropriate kite to your size and the wind conditions. In a nutshell, with the same wind speed, the bigger the person, the bigger the kite, the smaller the person, the smaller the kite. Don’t worry, you’re not going to fly away. You’ll be perfectly safe as long as you listen to your instructor.

Why should I take lessons from an IKO affiliated school?

IKO, International Kiteboarding Organization, is the world’s largest kiteboard training organization.  To become an IKO affiliated center, kiteboarding schools must meet high standards of set criteria that ensure their commitment to quality and safety.  IKO instructors are trained to teach using IKO’s safe, progressive method which helps you to reach your goals with confidence. Taking lessons from friends or schools without certified instructors is not advisable and can be dangerous.

How long will it take me to ride on the board?

That all depends on you!  Each person’s kiteboarding progression is different. If you excel at the sport, we will not hold you back, and if you need more time to feel comfortable, we will not push you.  On average it takes about three lessons to stand up on the board and ride a short distance.  We recommend five lessons, however, to increase your confidence, ensure safety and become fully independent.

The IKO progression is as follows:  In your first lesson you will learn kite safety and begin to master your kite control.  This is typically a land-based lesson.  In your second lesson you will begin to use the power of the kite to pull your body through the water.  In your third lesson you will put the board on your feet and attempt your first water starts.  Most people can only ride in one direction at this point and don’t necessarily feel confident to go out on their own.  Within 5 lessons you will be riding in both directions and will fully understand safety and self-rescue techniques to avoid emergency situations.

Short on time? We can combine two lessons into one day!

Do you provide equipment for lessons?

Yes! All the latest equipment, kites, harnesses, flotation vests and boards are provided for your kiteboarding lessons. We also use the latest technology in two-way Bluetooth communication helmets so that you stay connected to your instructor at all times.

What should I bring to my lesson?

All you need to bring is a wetsuit (if you own one), water shoes (if you own them), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and water. We provide the rest!

What are the differences between private and group lessons?

Private lessons are conducted at a 1:1 ratio and consist of one student, one instructor, and one kite. Group lessons are conducted at a 2:1 ratio and consist of two students, one instructor, and one kite. Group lessons cost less than private lessons, so bring your friends, family members, or partners! Three people may be permitted on a lesson upon request. All equipment is provided for your course.

How much do lessons cost?

Here’s how our pricing structure works: The more lessons you buy, the cheaper the hourly rate. Single lessons are the most expensive. You pay less for more with our 3 lessons Get Independent package and even less for even more with our 5 lessons Ride with Confidence package. We also have 3 and 5 lessons Combo Packages that increase your savings on new eco-friendly, Air Rush gear and lessons. This is the best bang for your buck, as you will walk away with everything you need to independently ride! Check out our price schedule.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of my course?

Yes! All of our instructors are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) Certified, which means that you will receive an IKO Member Card showing your progression and level of certification upon completion of your course. This IKO Member Card is your kiteboarding license; it is recognized and acknowledged worldwide and allows you to rent equipment and continue with more advanced kite courses.