Lyle WA – Columbia River Gorge

Forecast for Lyle, WA

When you are deciding on a particular day to book your lessons, look for wind that comes from the west for the Gorge. You’re looking for wind blowing or gusting around 12 – 25 knots. Contact me if you are not sure how to read the charts.

This is undoubtedly one of our favorite spots in The Gorge and home to our first brick and mortar shop!  In Lyle you will experience some of the best, most consistent winds that The Gorge has to offer; warm shallow water; wide open spaces for riding; less crowds; and a huge sandbank for setting up your kite.  The sandbank in Lyle is located on the Washington (north) side of the Columbia River where the wild and scenic Klickitat River flows into the Columbia.  Not only are the conditions at this spot perfect for learning to kiteboard, but the scenery is beautiful as well!  See our Gallery to get a sense of the area’s stunning views.

Currently, the Lyle sandbank is only accessible by watercraft.  We will meet you at our shop and taxi you to the sandbank.  We are located at 34 State Street (Hwy 14) in Lyle, Washington directly below the Memaloose Winery Tasting Room on the riverside of the  building.  If you are coming from Oregon, be sure to have cash on hand when crossing the bridge from Hood River to White Salmon for the toll.  The charge is $1 each way.

Directions to SAK’s Headquarters