How long will it take me to ride on the board?

That all depends on you!  Each person’s kiteboarding progression is different. If you excel at the sport, we will not hold you back, and if you need more time to feel comfortable, we will not push you.  On average it takes about three lessons to stand up on the board and ride a short distance.  We recommend five lessons, however, to increase your confidence, ensure safety and become fully independent.

The IKO progression is as follows:  In your first lesson you will learn kite safety and begin to master your kite control.  This is typically a land-based lesson.  In your second lesson you will begin to use the power of the kite to pull your body through the water.  In your third lesson you will put the board on your feet and attempt your first water starts.  Most people can only ride in one direction at this point and don’t necessarily feel confident to go out on their own.  Within 5 lessons you will be riding in both directions and will fully understand safety and self-rescue techniques to avoid emergency situations.

Short on time? We can combine two lessons into one day!