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Tampa bay kiteboarding lessons

Tampa bay kiteboarding lessons and Saint Petersburg is the perfect place to learn to kiteboard! The season runs from November through April, so while much of the United States is cold and snowy, St. Pete experiences warm to hot subtropical temperatures. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, the area offers options for flat water, waves, and chop, and no matter which direction the wind is blowing, there are places to kite!  This unique characteristic allows us to maximize the number of days we spend on the water.  A location with warm weather, flat water, and most importantly, steady, consistent winds for six months of the year, is a kiteboarder’s paradise.

Depending on the direction of the wind we offer Tampa bay kiteboarding lessons at the North or South Rest Areas of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, at East, North, or Big Beaches in Fort De Soto Park, and at Archibald Park in Madeira Beach.  

Meeting Location

The Skyway Bridge Rest Area


We are typically looking for winds gusting above 14 knots blowing from the east and sometimes from the west.

Wind Direction and Wind Patterns

The Information below was provided by 30knots kiteboarding

N – Northerly winds occur after a strong cold front and is associated with much cooler conditions. Northerly winds will be strong in the early morning hours then again in the afternoon. If the suns out, it will shift to a North Westerly wind. Make sure to have your wetsuit ready for these days.

NE – North Easterly winds happen after cold fronts or with strong high pressure systems. Get out early! Sunrise to 10am, after that you’re out of luck unless it’s a very strong high pressure system. North Easterly winds will also pick back up an hour or two before sunset.

E – Easterly winds follow the same patterns as North Easterly winds.

SE – South Easterly winds occur before a cold front or with a high pressure system. These are warmer and very consistent winds. South Easterly winds pick up when the suns out and around 9-10 am and last until about 3pm. These winds, when associated with a cold front, are often under forecasted.

S – Southerly winds are my favorite. These occur before a cold front and are warm, strong, consistent winds that are always under forecasted. [Note: Southerly winds pick up mid-morning and will continue throughout the day. If you see Southerly winds, then you’re in for a nice treat.]

SW – South Westerly winds happen right before a front is about to pass through. South Westerly winds are strong and warm winds but also a sign that the front line is getting close. Be careful of storms associated with the front!

W – Westerly winds do not happen often and are typically associated with storms or after a front.

NW – North Westerly winds are fun and associated with a sea breeze. In the afternoon, when the land heats up there is a natural occurrence of a North Westerly wind.

Tampa bay kiteboarding lessons